Wireless and Mobility


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Communication defines today's business landscape. Interaction with colleagues, clients, suppliers, business partners and information sources is constant and pervasive. Organizational productivity and effectiveness depends on 24x7 online, real-time accesses from any location and any device - PC, laptop, PDA, cell phone or TV. The network is at the core of this communication and interaction, providing the fast, secure connectivity that drives business operations. Our network integration solutions and services ensure that your communication networks deliver the performance your business relies on.

CubIT understands that networks must be flexible, tailored to meet communication needs, compliant with regulation and corporate governance and also aligned with industry standards. Most importantly, we know that networks should simply work - seamlessly facilitating your organizations’ changing communication needs. Through a comprehensive range of services, adaptable scale, and in-depth networking expertise, we keep organizations connected and communicating - through their networks.

Wireless and Mobility

The importance of the network and the rapid growth of the Internet and online services are persuasive testimonies to the benefits of shared data and resources. To remain agile and flexible, organizations require innovative and intelligent solutions to meet their mobility requirements. Wireless technology and solutions give network users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area whilst still being connected to the network and being able to access shared information and back office systems, all without the constraint of wires. New technology standards, like 802.11n, will allow for near parity with the performance of wired networks and enable seamless, mobile connectivity and organizational agility.

Cubit assists organizations with their Wireless and Mobility strategy in an attempt to streamline business processes and improve workflow, enabling mobility to give organizations a competitive business and technological advantage. As a mobility integrator, Cubit provides the expertise in applications and infrastructure components that are required to extend the capabilities of mobile devices, support mission critical business applications and deliver on the full promise of enterprise mobility architecture.