AI Services

Future Ready Enterprise With Intelligent AI Applications

AI To Adapt & Innovate Today

Today AI has become the backbone of several core-business functions – streamlining processes, generating accurate insights, and empowering decisive decisions. At Cubit, our experts understand that at the core of this is data and machine learning driven orchestration to derive value out of this. Eying the future, our team engineers a reliable data foundation and fosters the generation of insights.

Advancing AI With Service Capabilities

Data Integration & Governance

  • Integrating enterprise structured and unstructured data into scalable and flexible big data
  • 360 degree analytics providing complete view of customer and systems for better data governance and maintenance

Data Science Solutions

  • A comprehensive view of hyper-distributed data and descriptive analytics to empower business intelligence
  • Machine learning and text analytics driven predictive analytics to anticipate decisive decisions
  • Supporting the insights with prescriptive analytics to optimize insights-driven decisions

Cognitive Solutions

  • Developing or deploying intelligent AI applications that foster image recognition and NL interfaces
  • Developing chatbot for varied business functions to automate process and improve end-user experiences

Outlining Our Expertise In AI

Machine learning and sophisticated learning algorithms for better pattern identification

Natural language processing capabilities to analyze text, speech, and optical character recognition

Data modelling and training of AI algorithms to improve pattern detection and predictive analytics

Benefits Of Our Service Scope

Embrace The AI Driven Growth Curve