Robotic Process Automation

Crafting A Process Edge In The Digital Economy

Shedding Light On Automation Journeys

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is purposed to automate routine processes and save resource time and budget. At Cubit, we deliver RPA solutions at the fraction of a cost, transforming administrative actions like billing, accounts, etc. From RPA consulting to leveraging AI and ML to enhance processes – all achieved at scale to enhance productivity and improve scalability.

Our Role In The Automation World

RPA Advisory & Consulting

  • Thorough assessment and identification of processes and workflows to be automated
  • Strategizing a roadmap of RPA implementation, aligned with business goals
  • Detailing the plan with identification of the right automation tools and partner services

Additional Support

  • Teams to monitor and manage RPA solutions, prevent disruption, and ensure service recovery
  • Training and knowledge for core-teams on automation tools and processes

RPA Implementation

  • Developing AI/ML solutions and bots for automating various processes
  • Configuring solutions to existing workflows as per the RPA architecture
  • Validating the implementations and following up with scaling the same across similar processes

Automation Process Design

  • Mapping enterprise processes that require automation by RPA experts
  • Designing the enterprise-wide RPA architecture and implementation models
  • Customizing the framework to implement future plans and assess the same to be foolproof

Automation Elevating Sectors In The Region


Better decisions based on patient data
  • Efficient health care data analysis for improved care outcomes
  • Billing and processing claims
  • 360° view of patient healthcare information


Optimized processes that improve productivity
  • Transportation management optimization, monitor logistics, track transportation costs across carriers
  • Automate ERP processes, check payment status, manage inventory
  • Manage Bill of Material to ensure regulatory compliance


Improve efficiency and everyday administration
  • Attendance management, automated reports, admission schedule, and process
  • Course Registration, information validation to reduce human errors
  • Quick query reply for students, schedule meetings, timetable updates, payroll processing

RPA Success – Spell Multiple Benefits

Let’s Script Your RPA Driven Success Story In Workflows