Unifying Communications – Ensuring Scalability

Network Solutions In The New Normal

In this world of the new normal, providing efficient and secure enterprise mobility solutions calls for expertise in networking technologies. Be it wireless LAN, IP network, or unified communications – we leverage comprehensive networking solutions to answer business requirements, security, control, and compliance for IP networking. To deliver, we partner with leading hardware and software network solutions providers, ensuring enterprise-grade wireless mobility.

Agile Breadth Of Networking Support

Wireless Access & Mobility

  • Real-time wireless access to applications and a securely connected environment.
  • Centralized firewall systems and access control ensuring robust network security
  • Solutions to provide a unified visibility of enterprise assets
  • Enterprise mobility through device-enabled workplace flexibility

Network Security Operations

  • A centralized system of advanced threat protection for consolidated network security
  • Upgraded firewalls for defence against network intrusions
  • Multi-stage authentication, modern access controls, and application security solutions preventing identity theft
  • Completely secured network environment and endpoints augmented with data loss prevention
  • Continued enhancement of security based on automated data analytics

Network Automation & Management

  • Automated, analytics-driven, smarter network systems for better control
  • Flexible and agile network management for faster configurations based on new business models
  • Network automation bringing down human errors and time spent on network management
  • Continuous adherence to policies, network security protocols, and compliance

Network Traffic Segmentation

  • Accelerated network management with automated deployments and access
  • Policy and business goal driven network segmentation to
  • Performance optimization of network devices for actionable insights

Unified Communication Solutions

  • Instantaneous communication solutions like Instant Messaging, Voice Services, Web/Audio Conferencing, etc.
  • In-house support for smooth integration of unified communication solutions into existing network platform
  • Speech recognition and off-line communication solutions

Benefits Of Our Service Scope

Embrace A New Paradigm Of Enterprise Networking Solutions