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Cloud To Scale & Catapult Your Operations

To move or not move to the cloud is no more a matter of choice. It has become imperative for enterprises to efficiently manage IT systems, reduce costs, develop applications, and much more. At Cubit, we map your business goals, aligning your cloud strategy and operations roadmap, before supporting them with a wide variety of public and private cloud solutions like migration, cloud landscape optimization, data and application management, etc. The outcome – speed and flexibility to innovate, build native applications, redefine collaboration, and foster user experience.

Challenges Clouding Cloud Operations

With the hyper-distributed infrastructure of the public cloud, stakeholders find it difficult to access and have a consistent experience across the touchpoints of the cloud landscape.

Limited cloud optimization and over-provisioning of resources on cloud and hardware redundancy bring difficulty in managing costs of cloud operations.

With an always-evolving cyber threat on the cloud landscape, businesses need to accelerate their response and remediate time, which becomes a challenge with traditional security solutions.

Organizations do not consider optimizing present and future planning for expanded cloud-based operations, failing to redeploy existing resources and provision for future capacity.

Services Demystifying Cloud For Your Digital Future

Advisory Services

  • Cloud-centric decisions to remain competitive in the digital era
  • Consulting for the right decisions on infrastructure and cloud strategy
  • Assessing the existing systems to identifying the best cloud infrastructure to optimize the cloud environment

Migration Services

  • Migrating workloads to clouds to increase business agility and reduces costs
  • Skilled experts to find the best-in-class cloud infrastructure solution to seamlessly migrate workloads irrespective of cloud and OS environment
  • Process efficiency, with no delays and downtime

Modernizing Applications

  • The seamless building, running, and managing of applications on the cloud with new development practices and approaches like containerization, PaaS services, etc.
  • Support in optimizing new applications/legacy platforms – to ensure they run at scale irrespective of cloud platform

Business Continuity Services

  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) as a business continuity partner
  • Protecting enterprise workloads and environments
  • Automated data protection, backup & recovery – both on-premises and in the cloud ecosystems

Remote & Virtualization Services

  • Enabling seamless cloud collaborations and availability of virtualized interfaces and remote services for mobility of work
  • Partner network and expertise to ensure secure and seamless delivery of VDI and access-controlled remote applications availability – in a secure and compliant way

Professional Services

  • Helping enterprises to orchestrate and reap the benefits of optimized cloud infrastructure, with professional services
  • Building-and-deployment of the cloud environment to the integration of advanced applications – with cloud-support team
Benefits Of Cloud Services

Benefits With Cubit Catapulting Cloud Readiness

Let’s Map And Streamline Your Strategic And Operational Waypoints To Cloud Readiness.