Internet Of Things

A Connected World Of Machine To Machine Solutions

Connectivity – In Enterprise Fingertip

How robust and efficient it would be to connect and control all the devices, across all functions, and at everyone’s fingertips. IoT delivers the same in a nutshell. At Cubit, we enable this with a wide array of connectivity and real-time communication solutions. Simplifying the development and deployment of such solutions (platforms, sensors, devices, etc.), we transform mobility, collaboration, and operations.

Spotlight On Our IoT Focus Areas

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Asset Management

  • Deployment of smart enterprise asset management systems
  • Monitoring and managing the connectivity of all enterprise assets
  • IoT enabled real-time insights on asset performance and health


  • Contact-less smart solutions like attendance systems, in-house collaboration tools, etc. that help with remote working and mobility
  • Mobility solutions that are device agnostic, automated, and securely connected to enterprise networks in real-time

Contact-free Solutions

  • Platforms that support the complete workcycle of enterprise mobility – from reporting to executions
  • Ensuring secure and real time access when working remote – through a wide range of applications

Data Centers

  • Ensuring a connected ecosystem that controls temperature, hardware, electrical parameters, etc.
  • Setting and managing reliability and maintenance centers for datacenters

Sensors & Devices

  • Connecting IoT devices, sensors, and gateways to public cloud and cloud-native apps
  • Monitor and generate data of device performance and provide reports

Capabilities Differentiating IoT Support

Craft An Edge Into Enterprise IoT Connectivity